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About Us / Overview

Since 1979, we are a center of excellence in the field of technological innovation and integration. For over 40 years we have been designing and manufacturing embedded micro-computers, integrated systems and custom hardware and software solutions for the IoT and the Artificial Intelligence, continuously adding value to our customers’ products.
We are among the founders of international computer miniaturization standards, among which Qseven®, and in 2021 we launched CLEA, a proprietary Platform as A Service allowing clients to manage their IoT Endpoints in a simple, effective and efficient manner.

We have long-term strategic partnerships in place with tech giants and collaborate regularly with universities, research centers and innovative start-ups to be at the forefront of digitalization.
Ours is an international reality made up of over 800 people in 9 countries, strongly committed to Research & Development and Corporate Social Responsibility to improve people's health, safety and quality of life.
  • 300+ blue-chip customers worldwide
  • Cutting-edge technological solutions for sectors such as Biomedical, Industrial Automation, Fitness, Vending, Aerospace, Transport and many other
  • 7 successful acquisitions since 2018 in Italy, Germany, China and the USA


Our value proposition

We believe that the future has endless possibilities and that innovation and time-to-market are the key elements of our clients' competitive advantage: for this reason we want to be technological partners in their digital transformation process, creating co-design solutions and enabling their transition to new business models based on edge computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence. This is our goal: to guide our Stakeholders towards technological innovation by accompanying them towards a bright future.

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