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Our approach

Corporate social responsibility is one of the key pillars of our approach to business. We base our work on passion and innovation. On commitment and the development of skills. On the value of each person, recognizing diversity as a resource and making respect, openness and participation the fundamental drivers of the Group.

What drives us at SECO is curiosity about tomorrow, our thirst for exploration, our desire to offer the best to our customers. For over 40 years we have been working generously to invent the future and improve people’s health, safety and quality of life.

SECO Group values

Passion, Dynamism and Respect are our core values inspiring our actions of every day.

Since its foundation, SECO has pursued the principles of excellence, innovation and the development of everyone's skills and diversity through teamwork. We want to be an excellence with respect to our Customers, our People, all internal and external Stakeholders of the Group, local communities and the Environment.

We believe that seriousness and trust underlie all personal and professional relationships. This is why we attach the utmost importance to the punctuality of deliveries and the quality of our products and our customer service. We encourage our people to carry out their work with positivity and purpose, always giving their best. And problems and obstacles at SECO are resolved with common sense, perseverance, balance and courage.


Diversity and equal opportunities

SECO respects the dignity of each individual and guarantees equal opportunities at all stages and for every aspect of the employment relationship (selection, hiring, training, remuneration, promotions, transfers and termination), avoiding any form of discrimination that may derive from differences in gender, age, health status, nationality, political beliefs or religion. We constantly invest in our people’s training and development and are always at the research of new talents.

Code of Ethics, Organizational Model and Anti-corruption

The Code of Ethics embeds the rights and duties of SECO vis-à-vis its Stakeholders and aims at ensuring the integrity, correctness and transparency in the action of SECO and its people, as well as the respect of human rights and the environment and the protection of the company’s assets.

The Code of Ethics is part of SECO SpA’s organization, management and control model pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001.

SECO adopts a set of policies and internal controls aimed at minimizing the risk of corruption episodes, implementing an adequate system of supervision, training and instruments to report any episode of violation of the law or of the Code of Ethics.

Policy and ESG Report

For the transmission, storage and filing of Regulated Information, SECO S.p.A. has chosen to use eMarket SDIR, managed by Teleborsa srl, based in piazza di priscila 4, Rome.